Man pages for miceFast
Fast Imputations Using 'Rcpp' and 'Armadillo'

air_missairquality dataset with additional variables
compare_impComparing imputations and original data distributions
fill_NA'fill_NA' function for the imputations purpose.
fill_NA_N'fill_NA_N' function for the multiple imputations purpose
miceFast-packagemiceFast package for fast multiple imputations.
naive_fill_NA'naive_fill_NA' function for the simple and automatic...
neiboFinding in random manner one of the k closets points in a...
Rcpp_corrData-classClass '"Rcpp_corrData"'
Rcpp_miceFast-classClass '"Rcpp_miceFast"'
upset_NAupset plot for NA values
VIF'VIF' function for assessing VIF.
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