Man pages for migrbc
Production Rules Based Classification of Migration

check_and_tidy_dateValidate general dates
check_and_tidy_date_crossingValidate dates on border crossing.
check_and_tidy_date_first_lastValidate dates in sequence
check_data_columnsValidate the data columns of crossing information
check_ini_res_data_columnsValidate the data columns of the initial residence status...
check_integerValidate an integer value
check_is_logicValidate a logical value
check_object_sizeValidate the size of a object
check_positive_numberValidate a positive numeric value
check_work_spacesValidate the size of data (work space)
get_object_sizeGet Object Size
get_random_datesGet Random Dates
initialize_loggerInitialize Futile Logger
internal_processInternal function
migrbcA package for classifying border crossings using a...
plot_mig_histPlot a migration history.
pre_processA function to convert a large data into a number of sub...
rcpp_resolveProcessing RBC for a person.
resolve_dataProcess RBC
resolve_data_with_errorProduce Error Result
run_rbcRun RBC
run_rbc_process_coreProcessing RBC for a list of person.
run_rbc_process_with_errorProcessing RBC for a list of person.
segment_coord_horizInternal function
segment_coord_vertInternal function
setup_random_test_dataSetup Random Test Data
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