miniGUI: tktcl quick and simple function GUI.

quick and simple tktcl miniGUI to call functions.

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AuthorJorge Luis Ojeda Cabrera
Date of publication2012-09-04 07:08:11
MaintainerJorge Luis Ojeda Cabrera <>

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addMenusCmd Man page
doNothingPlugin Man page
evalPlugin Man page
getMiniGUIans Man page
getMiniGUIData Man page
is.miniGUIwidget Man page
makeWidgetCmd Man page
mapFuncToWidget Man page
miniGUI Man page
miniGUIans Man page
miniGUIcallEval Man page
miniGUIData Man page
miniGUIdefaultEntry Man page
miniGUIentry Man page
miniGUIEnvir Man page
miniGUIeval Man page
miniGUIffff Man page
miniGUIgetFormals Man page
miniGUIhelpers Man page
miniGUIinputWidget Man page
miniGUImenusel Man page
miniGUIoutput Man page
miniGUIscale Man page
setMiniGUIans Man page
setMiniGUIData Man page

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