Man pages for miscTools
Miscellaneous Tools and Utilities

coefTableCoefficient Table
colMediansMedians of Columns
compPlotScatterplot to Compare two Variables
ddnormDerivative of the Normal Distribution's Density Function
insertColInsert Column into a Matrix
insertRowInsert Row into a Matrix
margEffMethod for Returning Marginal Effects
miscTools-internalUndocumented miscTools Functions
nObsReturn number of observations for statistical models
nParamNumber of model parameters
quasiconcavityTest for quasiconcavity / quasiconvexity
rowMediansMedians of Rows
rSquaredCalculate R squared value
semidefinitenessPositive or Negative Semidefiniteness
stdErStandard deviations
sumKeepAttrSum of an Array While Keeping its Attributes
summarizeDFSummarize a data.rrame
symMatrixSymmetric Matrix
triangUpper triangular matrix from a vector
vecliVector of linear independent values
vecli2mConvert vector of linear independent values into a Matrix
vecliposPosition in a vector of linear independent values
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