Man pages for miscset
Miscellaneous Tools Set

ciplotBarplot with Confindence Intervals
collapseCollapse objects
confintConfidence Intervals for Numeric Vectors
do.rbindBind data.frames in a List by Rows
duplicatesDetermine Duplicates
enpaireCreate a Pairwise List from a Matrix
factorNACreate a Factor with NA as Level
gghclHTML Colours Like ggplot2
ggplotGridArrange a List of ggplots
gregexprindPattern Matching and Extraction
help.indexOpen The Package Help Index Page
infoPrint enhanced session information
leading0Numeric to Character with Leading Zero(s)
lloadLoad RData Objects to a List
lsallList Object Details
mgreplMultiple Pattern Matching and Replacement
miscset-packageMiscellaneous R Tools
ntriReturn Triangular Numbers
nuniqueAmount and Index of Unique Values
p2starP Value Significance Level Indicator
plotnPlot Nothing (but a Plot)
rmallRemove All Objects from Global Environment
scale0Scale Numeric Values to Defined Ranges
sortSort data.frame Objects
squarematrixCreate a Square Matrix
strextrExtract a Substring
str_partSplit String and Return Part
str_revReverse Text Strings
textableTable to Latex
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