Man pages for missSBM
Handling Missing Data in Stochastic Block Models

dyadSamplerVirtual class for all dyad-centered samplers
er_networkER ego centred network
estimateEstimation of SBMs with missing data
frenchblog2007Political Blogosphere network prior to 2007 French...
missSBMAdjusting Stochastic Block Models under various missing data...
missSBM_collectionAn object to represent a collection of missSBM_fit
missSBM_fitR6 Class definition of an SBM-fit
networkSamplerDefinition of R6 Class 'networkSampling_sampler'
networkSamplingDefinition of R6 Class 'networkSampling'
networkSamplingDyads_fitVirtual class used to define a family of...
networkSamplingNodes_fitVirtual class used to define a family of...
pipePipe operator
prepare_dataPrepare network data for estimation with missing data
sampleSampling of network data
sampledNetworkAn R6 Class to represent sampled network data
SBM_fitR6 Class definition of an SBM-fit
SBM_samplerAn R6 Class to represent a sampler for a SBM
simulateSimulation of an SBM
smoothSmooth the path ICL in a collection of missSBM_fit models
warWar data set
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