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The St. Louis Risk Research Project was an observational study to assess the affects of parental psychological disorders on child development. In the preliminary study, 69 families with 2 children were studied.




This is a numeric matrix with 69 rows and 7 columns:

[,1] G Parental risk group
[,2] D1 Symptoms, child 1
[,3] D2 Symptoms, child 2
[,4] R1 Reading score, child 1
[,5] V1 Verbal score, child 1
[,6] R2 Reading score, child 2
[,7] V2 Verbal score, child 2

The parental risk group was coded 1, 2 or 3, from low or high, and the child symptoms 1 = low or 2 = high. Missing values occur on all variables except G.


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