Man pages for mixR
Finite Mixture Modeling for Raw and Binned Data

binBinning the Raw Data
bs.testBootstrap Likelihood Ratio Test for Finite Mixture Models
density.mixfitEMThe Density of Finite Mixture Models
initzInitialization of EM Algorithm
mixfitFinite Mixture Modeling for Raw Data and Binned Data
mixR-packageFinite Mixture Modeling for Raw and Binned Data
plot.bootEMPlot Bootstrap Likelihood Ratio Test
plot.mixfitEMPlotting the Fitted Mixture Models
plot.selectEMPlot Method for Class 'selectEM'
print.mixfitEMPrint Method for Class 'mixfitEM'
print.selectEMPrint Method for Class 'selectEM'
reinstateReinstate the Binned Data to the Raw Data
rmixgammaGenerating Random Data From A Gamma Mixture Model
rmixlnormGenerating Random Data From A Lognormal Mixture Model
rmixnormalGenerating Random Data From A Normal Mixture Model
rmixweibullGenerating Random Data From A Weibull Mixture Model
selectFinite Mixture Model Selection by Information Criterion
Stamp1872 Hidalgo Stamp Data
Stamp21872 Hidalgo Stamp Data (Binned)
to_k_lambda_weibullParameter Conversion for Weibull Distribution
to_mulog_sdlog_lnormParameter Conversion for Lognormal Distribution
to_mu_sd_gammaParameter Conversion for Gamma Distribution
to_mu_sd_lnormParameter Conversion for Lognormal Distribution
to_mu_sd_weibullParameter Conversion for Weibull Distribution
to_shape_rate_gammaParameter Conversion for Gamma Distribution
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