aphids: Data on the rate of infection of tobacco plants by a virus...

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The data set aphids is a data frame with 51 rows and 2 columns. The rows correspond to 51 independent experiments in which varying numbers of aphids were released in a flight chamber containing 12 infected and 69 healthy tobacco plants. The resulting number of infected plants (amongst those previously healthy) was recorded.




The data frame aphids contains the following columns:


The number of aphids released in the flight chamber in each instance.


The resulting number (out of a possible 69) of infected plants

Determination of Infection Count

After 24 hours from the time that the aphids were released, the flight chamber was fumigated to kill the aphids, and the previously healthy plants were moved to a greenhouse and monitored to detect symptoms of infection. The number of plants displaying such symptoms was recorded.


Rolf Turner r.turner@auckland.ac.nz


These data appear courtesy of Gilles Boiteau and George Tai of the Potato Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Any published work using these data should cite the paper given in the References.


Boiteau, G., M. Singh, R. P. Singh, G. C. C. Tai, and T. R. Turner (1998). Rate of spread of PVY-n by alate Myzus persicae (Sulzer) from infected to healthy plants under laboratory conditions. Potato Research, vol. 41, pp. 335 – 344.

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