makeShortcut: Make Desktop shortcut on Windows operating system

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Creates a shortcut on the desktop - Windows only. If the arguments are used the function enables the connection to a database (dbfile) and copies the sample-file 'wang.csv' to the desktop (wang2desktop). Please see below (and details) for description of using RODBC to connect to a database.





A file containing the information needed to connect to a database with the necessary data. The file is expected to have four (4) rows of the form: db = \"Connection information to the database\" dbtab = \"Which table should be attached\" dbcase = \"The case containing the unique 'case' identifier used to extract case specific information\" dbcols = \"Additional database columns needed to uniquely identify different PCR runs, re-runs, etc. with the same 'case' identifier\" However, lines with comments (identified by # are allowed). If a variable has more arguments these are separated by semicolons \";\", e.g. dbcols = \"PCR_run; Replicate\".


Logical: If TRUE the example data file \'wang.csv\' is copied to the Windows desktop. Default is FALSE which only creates a shortcut for lauching the mixture separator.


The package RODBC enables R to connect to a ODBC-connection. ODBC connections can either be connections to data files (e.g. Access- or Excel-files) or it can be a proper database. The mixsep() GUI connects to the ODBC source using the odbcDriverConnect-function, which takes different arguments depending on the data source. It is recommended to verify that the 'db'-argument provided in the 'dbfile'-file enables the connection to the database prior to using makeShortcut. Please refer to the help pages of the RODBC-package for further details.


Creates a shortcut on the desktop. The function identifies the location of the mixsep-package in the file system and adds a .bat-file, which launches R in the terminal. This is the best and easiet way of using the mixture separator.

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## run this in Windows to create shortcut on the desktop. 
## Not run: makeShortcut()

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