Man pages for mixsmsn
Fitting Finite Mixture of Scale Mixture of Skew-Normal Distributions

bmiBody Mass Index
faithfulOld Faithful Geyser Data
imm.smsnInformation matrix
im.smsnInformation matrix
mix.contourPrint the selected groups with contours
mix.densEstimated densities
mix.histEstimated densities
mix.linesPlot lines of smsn densities
mix.printPrinting mix object
rmixRandom univariate FM-SMSN generator
rmmixRandom multivariate FM-SMSN generator
smsn.mixFit univariate FM-SMSN distribution
smsn.mmixFit multivariate FM-SMSN distributions.
smsn.searchFind the best number of cluster for a determined data set.
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