Man pages for mlbstats
Major League Baseball Player Statistics Calculator

ab_hrCalculates at bats per home run
aeraCalculates adjusted earned run average (ERA+)
baCalculates batting average
baaCalculates batting average against
babipCalculates batting average on balls in play
bb9Calculates bases on balls per nine innings pitched (W/9)
bb_kCalculates walk to strikeout ratio (batting)
BsRCalculates the base runs estimator
diceCalculates defense-independent component earned run average
EqACalculates equivalent average
eraCalculates earned run average
ercCalculates component earned run average
fipCalculates fielding independent pitching
fpCalculates fielding percentage
go_aoCalculates ground outs-fly outs ratio (GO/AO)
gpaCalculates gross production average
h9Calculates hits per nine innings pitched (H/9IP)
isoCalculates isolated power
k9Calculates strikeouts per nine innings pitched (K/9)
k_bbCalculates strikeout to walk ratio (pitching)
obpCalculates on-base percentage
opsCalculates on-base plus slugging
pafaCalculates park factor
pa_soCalculates plate appearances per strikeout (PA/SO)
pfrCalculates power finesse ratio
raCalculates run average
rcCalculates runs created
rc2Calculates runs created accounting for stolen bases
rc3Calculates runs created accounting for all offensive...
rfaCalculates range factor
rispCalculates batting average with runners in scoring position
rpCalculates runs produced
sbaCalculates stolen base attempts
sbsrCalculates stolen base success rate
slgCalculates slugging percentage
taCalculates total average
tcCalculates total chances
tobCalculates times on base
vorpCalculates value over replacement player (pitching)
whipCalculates walks plus hits per innings pitched (WHIP)
wrCalculates whiff rate
wraCalculates win ratio
xbhCalculates extra base hits
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