Man pages for mlr3misc
Helper Functions for 'mlr3'

as_factorConvert to Factor
as_short_stringConvert R Object to a Descriptive String
check_packages_installedCheck that packages are installed, without loading them
chunk_vectorChunk Vectors
compat-mapApply Functions in the spirit of 'purrr'
composeComposition of Functions
compute_modeCompute The Mode
count_missingCount Missing Values in a Vector Same as 'sum(', but...
crateIsolate a Function from its Environment
cross_joinCross-Join for data.table
DictionaryKey-Value Storage
dictionary_sugar_getA Quick Way to Initialize Objects from Dictionaries
did_you_meanSuggest Alternatives
distinct_valuesGet Distinct Values
encapsulateEncapsulate Function Calls for Logging
enframeConvert a Named Vector Into A data.table
extract_varsExtract Variables from a Formula
format_bibFormat Bibentries in Roxygen
formulateCreate Formulas
get_seedGet the Random Seed
has_elementCheck if an Object is Element of a List
idsExtract ids from a List of Objects
insert_namedInsert or Remove Named Elements
invokeInvoke a Function Call
is_scalar_naCheck for a Single Scalar Value
keep_in_boundsRemove All Elements Out Of Bounds
leanify_r6Move all methods of an R6 Class to an environment
load_datasetRetrieve a Single Data Set
map_valuesReplace Elements of Vectors with New Values
mlr3misc-packagemlr3misc: Helper Functions for 'mlr3'
modify_ifSelectively Modify Elements of a Vector
named_listCreate a Named List
named_vectorCreate a Named Vector
names2A Type-Stable names() Replacement
ninNegated in-operator
open_helpOpens a Manual Page
printfFunctions for Formatted Output and Conditions
rcbindBind Columns by Reference
rd_infoHelpers to Create Manual Pages
register_namespace_callbackRegisters a Callback on Namespace load/unLoad Events
reorder_vectorReorder Vector According to Second Vector
require_namespacesRequire Multiple Namespaces
rowwise_tableRow-Wise Constructor for 'data.table'
sequence_helpersSequence Construction Helpers
set_classSet the Class
set_namesSet Names
shuffleSafe Version of Sample
str_collapseCollapse Strings
str_indentIndent Strings
str_truncTruncate Strings
topo_sortTopological Sorting of Dependency Graphs
transpose_listTranspose lists of lists
unnestUnnest List Data Table Columns
which_minIndex of the Minimum/Maximum Value, with ties correction
with_packageExecture code with a modified search path
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