Man pages for mmod
Modern Measures of Population Differentiation

chao_bootstrapProduce bootstrap samples from each subpopulation of a genind...
diff_statsCalculate differentiation statistics for a genind object
diff_testAn exact test of population differentiation for genind...
dist.codomCalculate distance between individual for co-dominant locus
D_JostCalculate Jost's D
Gst_HedrickCalculate Nei's Gst using estimators for Hs and Ht
Gst_NeiCalculate Nei's Gst using estimators for Hs and Ht
harmonic_meanHarmonic mean
jacknife_populationsCreate jacknife samples of a genind object by population
mmodModern Measures of Differentiation
pairwise_DCalculates pairwise values of Jost's D
pairwise_Gst_HedrickCalculates pairwise values of Hedrick's G'st
pairwise_Gst_NeiCalculates pairwise values of Nei's Gst
Phi_st_MeirmansCalculate Phi_st from a genind object
rgenotypesRandomly create genotypes
summarise_bootstrapApply a differentiation statistic to a bootstrap sample
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