Defines functions defaultLoss.matrix defaultLoss.character defaultLoss.ordered defaultLoss.integer defaultLoss.factor defaultLoss.numeric defaultLoss

## default loss functions based
defaultLoss = function(x, y) UseMethod("defaultLoss")
defaultLoss.numeric = function(x, y) mean((x - y)^2)
defaultLoss.factor = function(x, y) mean(x != y)
defaultLoss.integer = function(x, y) defaultLoss.numeric(x, y)
defaultLoss.ordered = function(x, y) defaultLoss.numeric(x, y)
defaultLoss.character = function(x, y) defaultLoss.factor(x, y)
## assumes first argument is the matrix
defaultLoss.matrix = function(x, y) apply(x, 2, function(z) defaultLoss(z, y))

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