Man pages for mobsim
Spatial Simulation and Scale-Dependent Analysis of Biodiversity Changes

abund_rect—————— Get local species abundance distribution
communityCreate spatial community object
community_to_sadGet species abundance distribution from community object
dist_decayDistance decay of similarity
divarDiversity-area relationships
div_rand_rectDistribution of local diversity indices
div_rectGet local diversity indices
mobsimmobsim: A package for spatial analysis of scale-dependent...
plot.communityPlot spatial community object
plot.dist_decayPlot distance decay of similarity
plot.divar—————— Plot diversity-area relationships
plot.sadPlot species abundance distributions
plot.spec_sample_curvePlot species sampling curves
rare_curveSpecies rarefaction curve
sample_quadratsPlot-based samples from a spatially-explicit census
sim_poisson_communitySimulate community with random spatial positions.
sim_poisson_coordsSimulate random spatial coordinates
sim_sadSimulate species abundance distributions
sim_thomas_communitySimulate community with clumped spatial positions.
sim_thomas_coordsSimulate clumped spatial coordinates
spec_sampleSample species richness
spec_sample_curveNon-spatial and spatially-explicit species sampling curves
summary.communityPrint summary of spatial community object
summary.sadPrint summary of species abundance distribution object
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