Man pages for modTempEff
Modelling temperature effects using time series data

anova.modTempEffThe anova method for a 'modTempEff' object
coef.modTempEffExtract DL coefficients from a 'modTempEff' object
csdlDefining the constrained segmented distributed lag term
dataDeathTempSimulated dataset
fit.controlAuxiliary function for controlling model fitting
logLik.modTempEffExtract the log likelihood for a modTempEff fit
modTempEff-packageModelling temperature effects on mortality via the...
plot.modTempEffPlot method for the class 'modTempEff'
print.modTempEffThe print method for a 'modTempEff' object
seasSpecifying a smooth long term trend within a 'modTempEff'...
summary.modTempEffSummary method for the class 'modTempEff'
tempeffModelling temperature effects on mortality
tempeff.fitEstimation of constrained segmented distributed lag model
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