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Testing Infrastructure for Broom Model Generics

acceptable_augment_colnamesDetermine acceptable names for augment output
argument_glossaryAllowed argument names in tidiers
augment_data_helperGet copies of a dataset with various rowname behaviors
check_argumentsCheck that tidying methods use allowed argument names
check_augment_data_specificationCheck that augment behavior is consistent for dataframes and...
check_augment_functionCheck an augment method
check_augment_newdata_precedenceCheck that newdata argument has higher precedence than data...
check_augment_no_dataCheck an augment method when no data or newdata is passed
check_dimsCheck that tibble has expected dimensions.
check_glance_outputsCheck the output of a glance method
check_single_augment_outputCheck the output of an augment method
check_tibbleCheck the output of a tidying method
check_tidy_outputCheck the output of a tidy method
column_glossaryAllowed column names in tidied tibbles
has_rownamesCheck whether or not a data-frame-like object has rownames
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