Man pages for mokken
Conducts Mokken Scale Analysis

aclAdjective Checklist Data
aispAutomated Item Selection Procedure (AISP) for Mokken Scale...
autonomySupportAutonomy Support Data
balanceBalance Data
cavaliniCoping Strategies
check.boundsCheck the relative lower bound for scalability coefficients
check.caCheck conditional association to indentify local dependence.
check.errorsCheck the number of Guttman errors (Gplus) and the number of...
check.iioCheck of Invariant Item Ordering
check.monotonicityCheck of Monotonicity
check.normsStandard errors for norm statistics
check.pmatrixCheck of Nonintersection Using Method Pmatrix
check.reliabilityComputation of reliability statistics
check.restscoreCheck of Nonintersection Using Method Restscore
coefHScalability coefficents H
coefZComputation of Z-Values
ICCIntraclass correlation
mcmiMillon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory
MLcoefHTwo-level scalability coefficents H
MLcoefZComputation of Z-Values for two-level scalability...
MLweightWeights for Guttman Errors in two-level test data
mokken-packageMokken Scale Analysis
plot.iio.classPlot iio.class objects
plot.monotonicity.classPlot monotonicity.class objects
plot.pmatrix.classPlot pmatrix.class objects
plot.restscore.classPlot restscore.class objects
recodeRecodes negatively worded items
summary.iio.classSummarize iio.class objects
summary.monotonicity.cassSummarize monotonicity.class objects
summary.pmatrix.classSummarize pmatrix.class objects
summary.restscore.classSummarize restscore.class objects
SWMDSWMD Data Subset
transreasTransitive Reasoning
transreas2Transitive Reasoning Data
trogtrog Data
twowayTwo-way imputation
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