Man pages for molic
Multivariate Outlier Detection in Contingency Tables

cdfEmpirical distribution function
critvalCritical value
dermaDermatology Database
devianceCalculate deviance
fit_mixed_outlierMixed Outlier Test
fit_multiple_modelsFit Multiple Models
fit_outlierOutlier detection
molic-packagemolic: Multivariate Ouliterdetection In Contingency Tables
outliersDetect Outliers
plot.multiple_modelsPlot Deviance of Multiple Models
plot.outlier_modelPlot Distribution of Test Statistic
print.outlier_modelPrint outlier model
tgp_datA data frame with genetic data from the 1000 genomes project
tgp_hapsA named list of character vectors.
to_charsConvert discrete values into a single character...
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