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Functions and Datasets for the Book by Keon-Woong Moon

acsDemographic data of 857 patients with ACS
addCommaChange numbers into formatted numbers
addLabelDfAdd value labels to the data.frame
cat.testPerform chisq.test or fisher test
cbind.mytablecbind function for class "mytable"
centerprintInternal mytable functions
changeColnameLabelChange column names with labels
commaConvert number to formatted number
compressCompress an object of class mytable or cbind.mytable
deleteRowsDelete rows of class mytable object
densityplotMake Kernel density plot
extractHRExtract hazard ratio from a data.frame
extractKindExtract kind of an object of class mytable
extractORExtract the odds ratios from a S3 object of glm
getLabelAdd column labels to the data.frame
getMappingextract variable name from mapping, aes
HRplotDraw a hazard ratio plot
my.chisq.testInternal mytable functions
mycphPerform coxph of individual expecting variables
mycsvExport to csv file for class "mytable" or "cbind.mytable"
mycsv.cbind.mytableExport to csv file for class "cbind.mytable"
mycsv.mytableExport to csv file for class "mytable"
myhtmlExport to html file for class "mytable" or "cbind.mytable" of...
myhtmlHeadPrint my html style
mylatexExporting "cbind.mytable","mytable" to LaTeX format
mytableProduce table for descriptive statistics
mytable2Produce combined table for descriptive statistics
mytable2dfConvert mytable object to data.frame
mytable2htmlPrepare mytable object to data.frame ready to html
mytable_dfmake mytable from data.frame
mytable_subProduce table for descriptive statistics
mytable_sub2Internal mytable functions
my.t.testInternal mytable functions
num_summaryInternal mytable functions
obj2linecountInternal mytable functions
ORplotPlot for odds ratios for a S3 object of glm
ORplot.subA sub function for ORplot and HRplot
p2sigInternal mytable functions
print.cbind.mytablePrint function for class "cbind.mytable"
print.mytablePrint function for class "mytable"
printmytable2Internal mytable functions
print.mytable.dfPrint an object of mytable.df
rSubfunction used in mylatex
radialDemographic data of 115 patients performing...
rank2grouprank a numeric vector and returns a new ordinal vector
reprintInternal mytable functions
spaceInternal mytable functions
summary.cbind.mytableSummarizing function for class "cbind.mytable"
summary.mytableSummarizing function for class "mytable"
validColnameFind valid string among character vector from approximate...
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