mosaicQA: MOSAIC - Basic Quality Data Assurance for Epidemiologic Research

With the provision of several tools and templates the MOSAIC project (DFG-Grant Number HO 1937/2-1) supports the implementation of a central data management in epidemiological research projects. The 'mosaicQA' package enables epidemiologists with none or low experience in R to generate basic data quality reports for a wide range of application scenarios. See <> for more information.

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AuthorMartin Bialke <>, Thea Schwaneberg <>, Rene Walk <>
Date of publication2017-02-07 17:58:42
MaintainerMartin Bialke <>

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codelist Man page
footnoteString Man page
label_boxplot Man page
labelCounts Man page
label_description Man page
label_normalverteilung Man page
labelPercentage Man page
label_qnormplot Man page
label_unit Man page
mosaic.addFootnote Man page
MOSAIC Basic Quality Assurance Man page
mosaic.beginPlot Man page
mosaic.countValue Man page
mosaic.createSimplePdfCategorical Man page
mosaic.createSimplePdfCategoricalDataframe Man page
mosaic.createSimplePdfMetric Man page
mosaic.createSimplePdfMetricDataframe Man page
mosaic.finishPlot Man page
mosaic.generateCategoricalPlot Man page
mosaic.generateMetricPlots Man page
mosaic.generateMetricTablePlot Man page
mosaic.getTimestamp Man page Man page
mosaic.loadCsvData Man page
mosaic.preProcessCategoricalData Man page
mosaic.preProcessMetricData Man page
mosaicQA.env Man page
mosaic.setGlobalCodelist Man page
mosaic.setGlobalDescription Man page
mosaic.setGlobalMissingTreshold Man page
mosaic.setGlobalUnit Man page
outputPrefix Man page
qualifiedMissingsTreshold Man page

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