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Local Pattern Analysis

determine_classesDetermine unique classes (internal function)
lsp_add_clustersAdds clusters' ids to a lsp object
lsp_add_examplesAdds spatial data of each region in an lsp or sf object
lsp_add_qualityCalculates quality metrics of clustering or segmentation
lsp_add_sfCreates or adds a sf object
lsp_add_starsCreates or adds a stars object
lsp_add_terraCreates or adds a terra object
lsp_compareComparison between spatial patterns
lsp_extractExtracts a local landscape
lsp_mosaicCreates a raster mosaic
lsp_restructureChanges structure of the lsp object
lsp_searchSearch for similar spatial pattern
lsp_signatureCreates a spatial signature
lsp_to_distCalculate Distance Matrix
lsp_transformTransforms lsp objects
motif-packagemotif: Local Pattern Analysis
prepare_windowPrepares window* arguments (internal function)
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