Man pages for mplot
Graphical Model Stability and Variable Selection Procedures

afThe adaptive fence procedure
artificialegArtificial example
bglmnetModel stability and variable importance plots for glmnet
bodyfatBody fat data set
diabetesBlood and other measurements in diabetics
fevForced Expiratory Volume
glmfenceThe fence procedure for generalised linear models
lmfenceThe fence procedure for linear models
mplotModel selection and stability curves
mplot-packageGraphical model stability and model selection procedures
pipePipe operator
plot.afPlot diagnostics for an af object
plot.bglmnetPlot diagnostics for a bglmnet object
plot.visPlot diagnostics for a vis object
print.afPrint method for an af object
print.visPrint method for a vis object
process.fnProcess results within af function
summary.afSummary method for an af object
txt.fnPrint text for fence methods
visModel stability and variable inclusion plots
wallabiesRock-wallabies data set
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