mratios: Inferences for ratios of coefficients in the general linear model

With this package, it is possible to perform (simultaneous) inferences for ratios of linear combinations of coefficients in the general linear model. In particular, tests and confidence interval estimations for ratios of treatment means in the normal one-way layout and confidence interval estimations like in (multiple) slope ratio and parallel line assays can be carried out. Moreover, it is possible to calculate the sample sizes required in comparisons with a control based on relative margins. For the simple two-sample problem, functions for a t-test for ratio-formatted hypotheses and the corresponding Fieller-type confidence interval are provided assuming homogeneous or heterogeneous group variances.

AuthorGemechis Dilba Djira, Mario Hasler, Daniel Gerhard, Frank Schaarschmidt
Date of publication2012-11-02 13:35:30
MaintainerFrank Schaarschmidt <>

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