Man pages for msBP
Multiscale Bernstein Polynomials for Densities

galaxyGalaxy velocities
msBP.compute.probCompute binary tree of probabilities
msBP.densityRandom probability density function and random cumulative...
msBP.GibbsGibbs sampling for density estimation for msBP model
msBP-internalInternal msBP functions
msBP.nrvTreesNesting of the sample through the tree
msBP-packageBayesian nonparametric density estimation via Multiscale...
msBP.postClusterPosterior cluster allocation
msBP.rsampleRandom numbers from a random msBP densty
msBP.rtreeRandom msBP tree
msBP.testMultiscale testing of group differences
msBP.treeCreating an 'msBPTree'
tree2vecConversions between tree and vector
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