The textatopics object


The textatopics object exposes formatted results for the textaDetectTopics API, this REST API's JSON response, and the HTTP request:

  • status the operation's current status ("NotStarted"|"Running"|"Succeeded"|"Failed")

  • documents a data.frame with the documents and a unique string ID for each

  • topics a data.frame with the identified topics, a unique string ID for each, and a prevalence score for each topic (count of documents assigned to topic)

  • topicAssignments a data.frame with all the topics (identified by their topic ID) assigned to each document (identified by their document ID), and a distance score for each topic assignment (between 0 and 1; the lower the distance score the stronger the topic affiliation)

  • json the REST API JSON response

  • request the HTTP request


Phil Ferriere

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