Man pages for msgl
Multinomial Sparse Group Lasso

best_model.msglIndex of best model
classesClass vector
coef.msglNonzero coefficients
cvCross Validation
Err.msglCompute error rates
features.msglNonzero features
features_stat.msglExtract feature statistics
fitFit a multinomial sparse group lasso regularization path.
lambdaComputes a lambda sequence for the regularization path
models.msglExtract the fitted models
msglDeprecated fit function
msgl.algorithm.configCreate a new algorithm configuration
msgl.c.configFeatch information about the C side configuration of the...
msgl.cvDeprecated cv function
msgl_dense_sgl_fit_RC interface
msgl_dense_sgl_lambda_RC interface
msgl_dense_sgl_predict_RC interface
msgl_dense_sgl_subsampling_RC interface
msgl.lambda.seqDeprecated lambda function
msgl-packageMultinomial logistic regression with sparse group lasso...
msgl_sparse_sgl_fit_RC interface
msgl_sparse_sgl_lambda_RC interface
msgl_sparse_sgl_predict_RC interface
msgl_sparse_sgl_subsampling_RC interface
msgl.standard.configStandard msgl algorithm configuration
msgl.subsamplingDeprecated subsampling function
nmod.msglNumber of models used for fitting
parameters.msglNonzero parameters
parameters_stat.msglExtracting parameter statistics
PrimaryCancersPrimary cancer samples.
print.msglPrint function for msgl
SimDataSimulated data set
subsamplingMultinomial sparse group lasso generic subsampling procedure
xDesign matrix
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