Man pages for msr
Morse-Smale Approximation, Regression and Visualization

crimesUCI coummunity and crimes subset
diagonalDiagonal Function
energyEnergy Function of a Camera Estimation Problem
fourpeaksFourpeaks Function
msc.level.indCompute Indicies for Morse Smale Complex Level
msc.lmMorse Smale Complex Linear Regression
msc.nnNearest Neighbor Morse Smale Complex
msc.slmMorse Smale Complex Simultaneous Linear Regression
msc.sublevelsExtract levels from Morse Smale Complex
msr-packageData Analysis with the Morse-Smale Complex
plot.mscVisualization of the Morse-Smale Summary of High-Dimensional...
predict.mscPreditcion of partition probabilites of Morse-Smale Complex...
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