muStat: Prentice Rank Sum Test and McNemar Test

Performs Wilcox rank sum test, Kruskal rank sum test, Friedman rank sum test and McNemar test.

AuthorKnut M. Wittkowski <> and Tingting Song <>
Date of publication2012-08-23 11:00:20
MaintainerBenedetta Bigio <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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anyMissing Man page
bits.per.integer Man page
chkMissing Man page
DMM.pvalue Man page
endfunction Man page
ifelse1 Man page
is.inf Man page
is.number Man page
is.orderable Man page
len Man page
MC Man page
MCN.pvalue Man page
mu.AND Man page
mu.dbinom Man page
mu.friedman.test Man page
mu.GE Man page
mu.kruskal.test Man page
mu.rank Man page
mu.rank.nna Man page
muS2RC Man page
muS2RC-package Man page
mu.score Man page
muStat Man page
muStat-package Man page
mu.Sums Man page
muUtil Man page
muUtil-package Man page
mu.weight Man page
mu.wilcox.test Man page
mu.wScr Man page
NAtoZer Man page
NoOp Man page
NoWarn Man page
prentice.test Man page
RCRng Man page
SMN.pvalue Man page
sq.array Man page
sq.matrix Man page
stdev Man page
TDT.pvalue Man page
ULPrint Man page Man page


muStat/R/ muStat/R/ULPring.R muStat/R/TDT.pvalue.R muStat/R/stdev.R muStat/R/sq.matrix.R muStat/R/sq.array.R muStat/R/SMN.pvalue.R muStat/R/RCRng.R muStat/R/prentice.test.R muStat/R/NoWarn.R muStat/R/NoOp.R muStat/R/NAtoZer.R muStat/R/mu.wScr.R muStat/R/mu.wilcox.test.R muStat/R/mu.weight.R muStat/R/mu.Sums.R muStat/R/mu.score.R muStat/R/mu.rank.R muStat/R/mu.rank.nna.R muStat/R/mu.kruskal.test.R muStat/R/mu.GE.R muStat/R/mu.friedman.test.R muStat/R/mu.dbinom.R muStat/R/mu.AND.R muStat/R/MCN.pvalue.R muStat/R/MC.R muStat/R/len.R muStat/R/is.orderable.R muStat/R/is.number.R muStat/R/is.inf.R muStat/R/ifelse1.R muStat/R/endfunction.R muStat/R/DMM.pvalue.R muStat/R/chkMissing.R muStat/R/bits.per.integer.R muStat/R/anyMissing.R
muStat/man/ muStat/man/ULPrint.Rd muStat/man/stdev.Rd muStat/man/RCRng.Rd muStat/man/NoWarn.Rd muStat/man/NoOp.Rd muStat/man/muUtil-package.Rd muStat/man/muS2RC-package.Rd muStat/man/MC.Rd muStat/man/len.Rd muStat/man/is.orderable.Rd muStat/man/is.number.Rd muStat/man/is.inf.Rd muStat/man/ifelse1.Rd muStat/man/F9-NAtoZer.Rd muStat/man/F8-sq.array.Rd muStat/man/F7-mu.dbinom.Rd muStat/man/F6-mu.Sums.Rd muStat/man/F5-mu.AND.Rd muStat/man/F4-mu.GE.Rd muStat/man/F3-mu.rank.Rd muStat/man/F2-SMN.pvalue.Rd muStat/man/F1-prentice.test.Rd muStat/man/endfunction.Rd muStat/man/Description-muStat-package.Rd muStat/man/chkMissing.Rd muStat/man/bits.per.integer.Rd muStat/man/anyMissing.Rd

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