Man pages for mudata
Interchange Tools for Multi-Parameter Spatiotemporal Data

aggregate.qtag.longAggregate/Summarise a qualifier/tag structure
as.qtagConvert an object to a qualifier/tag structure
autoplot.mudataAutoplot a mudata object
biplot.mudataBiplot a mudata object
condense.tagsCondense multiple columns to a single JSON column
expand.tagsExpand JSON to multiple columns
groupGroup a qualifier/tag structure
id.varsExtract value qualifier names from a qualifier/tag structure
is.summarisedExtract if the argument is already summarised
kentvillegreenwoodKentville/Greenwood Climate Data
longConvert data to long format
longbiplotBiplot a molten data frame using facets
measure.varsExtract value column names from a qualifier/tag structure
mudataCreate a MuData object
mudata-packageA (Mostly) Universal Data Format for Multi-Parameter,...
parallel.meltMelt multiple sets of columns in parallel
pocmajPockwock Lake/Lake Major Elemental Sample Data
pocmajsumPre-summarised Sample Data
qualifierdataExtract qualifier column data from a qualifier/tag structure
qualifierplotSmart plotting of tidy data frames
rbind.mudataCombine mudata objects
rbind.qtag.longCombine qualifier/tag structures
rename.colsReplace/rename a column in an object
rename.datasetsRename datasets, params, locations, and columns
rename.valuesReplace/rename values in a vector
subset.mudataSubset a MuData object
summary.mudataObject summary for a mudata object
tagdataExtract tag column data from a qualifier/tag structure
tag.varsExtract tag column names from a qualifier/tag structure
validate.mudataValidate a MUData object
valuedataExtract value column data from a qualifier/tag structure
wideConvert data to wide format
write.mudataRead/Write mudata objects
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