Man pages for multcomp
Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models

adeventAdverse Events Data
cftestTesting Estimated Coefficients
cholesterolCholesterol Reduction Data Set
cldSet up a compact letter display of all pair-wise comparisons
cmlChronic Myelogenous Leukemia survival data.
contrMatContrast Matrices
detergentDetergent Durability Data Set
fattyacidFatty Acid Content of Bacillus simplex.
glhtGeneral Linear Hypotheses
litterLitter Weights Data Set
methodsMethods for General Linear Hypotheses
mmmSimultaneous Inference for Multiple Marginal Models
modelparmGeneric Accessor Function for Model Parameters
mteptMultiple Endpoints Data
parmModel Parameters
plot.cldPlot a cld object
recoveryRecovery Time Data Set
sbpSystolic Blood Pressure Data
trees513Frankonian Tree Damage Data
wasteIndustrial Waste Data Set
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