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Print "multifanova" object


Prints the summary of the global and multiple contrasts testing for functional data.


## S3 method for class 'multifanova'
summary(object, ...)



a "multifanova" object.


integer indicating the number of decimal places to be used to present the numerical results. It can be named digits as in the round() function (see examples).


The function prints out the information about the number of samples, number of observations in each sample, number of design time points, contrasts used, test statistics, critical values, p-values of tests performed by the multiFANOVA() function. It also gives the decisions.


No return value, called for side effects.


# Some of the examples may run some time.

# Canadian weather data set
# There are three samples of mean temperatures for
# fifteen weather stations in Eastern Canada,
# another fifteen in Western Canada, and
# the remaining five in Northern Canada.
data_set <- t(CanadianWeather$dailyAv[,, "Temperature.C"])
k <- 3
gr_label <- rep(c(1, 2, 3), c(15, 15, 5))

# Tukey's contrast matrix
h_tukey <- GFDmcv::contr_mat(k, type = "Tukey")
# testing without parallel computing
res <- multiFANOVA(data_set, gr_label, h_tukey)
summary(res, digits = 3)

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