Man pages for multiclassPairs
Build MultiClass Pair-Based Classifiers using TSPs or RF

do_dunn_testinternal function
filter_genes_TSPFilter genes/features for multiclass one-vs-rest classifier...
group_TSPInternal function: for grouping labels for one-vs-rest usage
optimize_RFOptimize parameters to be used in training the final RF model
plot_binary_RFPlot binary rule-based heatmaps
plot_binary_TSPPlot binary rule-based heatmaps
predict_one_vs_rest_TSPPredict sample class based on one-vs-rest multiclass top...
predict_RFPredict sample class based on gene pair-based random forest...
print-methodsMethods for Function 'print' in Package 'multiclassPairs'
proximity_matrix_RFPlot binary rule-based heatmaps
ReadDataFunction for preparing data object
sort_genes_RFSort genes/features for pair-based random forest classifier...
sort_rules_RFCreate and sort feature/gene pairs for pair-based random...
summary_genes_RFSummarize sorted genes to rules
train_one_vs_rest_TSPBuild multiclass rule-based classifier as one-vs-rest scheme
train_RFTrain pair-based random forest model
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