Man pages for multinet
Analysis and Mining of Multilayer Social Networks

ActorMeasuresNetwork analysis measures
AttributesManaging attributes
ClassesClasses defined by the package
CommunitiesCommunity detection algorithms
ConversionConversion to a simple or multi graph
DeprecatedDeprecated functions
DirectionalityControlling edge directionality
DistanceMeasuresNetwork analysis measures: distance based
GenerationGeneration of multilayer networks
IOReading and writing multilayer networks from/to file
LayerMeasuresNetwork analysis measures
ManipulationManipulation of multilayer networks
multinet-packageMultilayer social network analysis and mining
NavigationFunctions to extract neighbors of vertices, to navigate the...
PlotDrawing a multilayer network
PredefinedLoading predefined multilayer networks
PropertiesListing network properties
TransformationFunctions to merge multiple layers into one: flattening
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