Man pages for multiplyr
Data Manipulation with Parallelism and Shared Memory Matrices

add_rownamesAdd a new column with row names
arrangeSort data
betweenTests whether elements of a vector lie between two values...
bm_morderExtension of bigmemory::morder to allow decreasing parameter...
bm_mpermuteExtension of bigmemory::mpermute to allow decreasing...
cumallCumulative all
cumanyCumulative any
cummeanCumulative mean
defineDefine new columns
descArrange specified column in descending order
distinctSelect unique rows or unique combinations of variables
distributeCalculations for how to distribute x items over N nodes
dotscaptureCapture ... for later evaluation
dotscombineCombine explicit and implicit dots
dotsevalEvaluate previously captured dots
dotsnameEnsure captured dots are all named
dotsname1Name an expression (called by dotsname)
filterFilter data
firstReturns first value in vector
group_byGroup data
group_sizesReturn size of groups
lagOffset x backwards by n
lastReturns last value in vector
leadOffset x forwards by n
multiplyrData Manipulation with Parellelism and Shared Memory Matrices
Multiplyr-classParallel processing data frame
Multiplyr-methodsData access methods for Multiplyr
mutateChange values of existing variables (and create new ones)
nNumber of items in current group
NA_class_Returns NA of a particular class
n_distinctReturn the number of unique values
n_groupsReturn number of groups
nonuniqueReturns values of x that are non-unique
nsaNo strings attached mode
nthReturn the nth item from a vector
pConcatenate (internal)
partition_evenPartition data evenly amongst cluster nodes
partition_groupPartition data so that each group is wholly on a node
reduceSummarise data (with local reduction)
regroupReturn to grouped data
renameRename variables
selectRetain only specified variables
shutdownShutdown running cluster
sliceSelect rows by position
sm_desc_compReturns big.matrix descriptor offset by 1 (for row by row...
sm_desc_groupReturns a big.matrix descriptor for a particular group ID
sm_desc_subsetReturns big.matrix descriptor limited to particular start/end...
sm_desc_updateUpdate description of a big.matrix after a row subset...
summariseSummarise data
test_transitionTest for grouping transition (internal)
transmuteChange variables and drop all others
undefineDelete variables
ungroupReturn data to non-grouped
within_groupExecute code within a group
within_nodeExecute code within a node
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