Man pages for multisensi
Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis

analysis.anoasgRuns a series of analyses of variance
analysis.sensitivityRuns a series of sensitivity analyses by a function from the...
basis.ACPA function to decompose multivariate data by principal...
basis.bsplinesA function to decompose multivariate data on a B-spline basis
basis.mineA function to decompose multivariate data on a user-defined...
basis.osplinesA function to decompose multivariate data on an orthogonal...
basis.polyA function to decompose multivariate data on a polynomial...
biomasseThe Winter Wheat Dynamic Model
biomasseXA factorial input design for the main example
biomasseYOutput of the biomasse model for the plan provided in the...
bsplinefunction to evaluate B-spline basis functions
climatClimate data
dynsiDynamic Sensitivity Indices: DSI
graph.barSensitivity index bar plot
graph.pcPrincipal Components graph for gsi objects
grpe.gsiGroup factor GSI, obsolete function
gsiGeneralised Sensitivity Indices: GSI
multisensiA function with multiple options to perform multivariate...
multisensi-packageMultivariate sensitivity Analysis
multivarA function to decompose the output data set and reduce its...
planfactComplete factorial design in lexical order
planfact.asComplete factorial design
plot.dynsiPlot method for dynamic sensitivity results
plot.gsiPlot method for generalised sensitivity analysis
predict.gsiA function to predict multivariate output
print.dynsiprint DYNSI
print.gsiprint GSI
qualityquality of any approximation
sesBsplinesNORMnormalized B-splines basis functions
sesBsplinesORTHONORMorthogonalized B-splines basis functions
simulmodelModel simulation
summary.dynsidynsi summary
summary.gsisummary of GSI results
yapproxPrediction based on PCA and anovas (NOT ONLY)
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