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Measuring Multivariate Dependence Using Distance Multivariance

anscombe.extendedExtended Anscombe's Quartett
cdmcomputes a doubly centered distance matrix the sample of a single variable the doubly centered...
cdmscomputes the doubly centered distance matrices the doubly centered distance matrices, mus and bcds
circle.coordinatescalculates the coordinates of n points on a circle of radius...
clean.graphcleanup dependence structure graph
coinsdependence example: k-independent coin sampling
copula.multicorrelationcoupla versions of distance multicorrelation
copula.multicorrelation.testindependence tests using the copula versions of distance...
copula.multivariancecopula version of distance multivariance
d2functions which are required for the calculation of the...
dependence.structuredetermines the dependence structure
dependence.structure.fullfunctions to detect the full (without clustering) dependence...
dep_struct_iterated_13_100example dataset for 'dependence.structure'
dep_struct_ring_15_100example dataset for 'dependence.structure'
dep_struct_several_26_100example dataset for 'dependence.structure'
dep_struct_star_9_100example dataset for 'dependence.structure' a distance matrix to a matrix
dmdistance matrix
dmslist of distance matrices
double.centerdouble centering of a matrix
doubleCenterBiasCorrectedbias corrected double centering # included for speed...
doubleCenterBiasCorrectedUpperbias corrected double centering with normalizing # included...
doubleCenterBiasCorrectedUpperLowerbias corrected double centering with normalizing constants...
doubleCenterSymMatdouble center a symmetric matrix
emp.transfMonte Carlo empirical transform
emp.transf.depA dependent Monte Carlo emprical transform
emp.transf.vecTransform a vector of samples into a vector of samples of the...
fastdistfast Euclidean distance matrix
fastEuclideanCdmfast centered Euclidean distance matrix
find.clustercluster detection
independence.testtest for independence
is.doubly.centeredchecks if a matrix is doubly centered
layout_on_circlesspecial igraph layout for the dependence structure...
lower.ordercheck if lower order dependencies are present for the given...
match_rowsfor the fast detection of the full dependence structure
match.rowsReturns the row indices of matrix A which match with B Use...
m.multivariancem distance multivariance
moments.for.pearsoncomputes the moments as required for Pearson's approximation
mu3.unbiasedgiven the distance matrix the unbiased estimate for mu3 is...
multicorrelationdistance multicorrelation
multicorrelation.bias.correctedbias corrected total multicorrelations
multivariancedistance multivariance
multivariance-packagemultivariance: Measuring Multivariate Dependence Using...
multivariance.pvaluetransform multivariance to p-value
multivariances.allsimultaneous computation of multivariance and total/ 2-/...
multivariance.testindependence tests based on (total-/2-/3-) multivariance
multivariance.timingestimate of the computation time
N.coefficientsComputes the explicit coefficients for the finite sample...
pairwise.multicorrelation.bias.correctedpairwise multicorrelation
pearson.pvaluefast p-value approximation
pearson.pvalue.unifcompute the p-value by Pearson's approximation assuming...
pearson.qfapproximate distribution function of a Gaussian quadratic... a p-value into the corresponding label
rejection.levelrejection level for the test statistic
resample.multivarianceresampling (total /m-) multivariance
resample.pvaluep-value via resampling
resample.rejection.levelrejection level via resampling
sample.cdmsresamples doubly centered distance matrices
sample.colsresample the columns of a matrix
signed.sqrtsign preserving square root integer hash from text
sums.of.productsThis is the function GC which is required for the computation...
tetrahedrondependence example: tetrahedron sampling
total.multicorrelation.bias.corrected.upper# included for speed. it is faster than upper.lower
total.multivariancetotal distance multivariance
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