DT_test: Segregation data in southern Chile

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The data set included in this package was build using two data sets. The first one is the student enrollment reported by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC, https://datosabiertos.mineduc.cl/) for students of primary education (first eight years of formal education) who attended establishments officially recognized by the State. The second one is the Quality and Context of Education Questionnaire for Parents and Guardians, and the Student Questionnaire, both applied by the Education Quality Agency (https://www.agenciaeducacion.cl/) to all students in grades 4 and 8 of primary education. Both sources are limited to 2018. Contains information related to students and educational system characteristics in southern Chile (Biobio, La Araucania and Los Rios regions).




A data.table with 6703 observations and 5 variables, only for testing pourposes:


School ID (RBD, Rol de Base de Datos).


Preferential Scholar Subsidy Category (from the SpanishCategoría de Sub-vención Escolar Preferencial). Students belong to either the non-subsidized, the partially-subsidized, or the subsidized group acording to the Act 20.248 of Preferencial Scholar Subsidy (SEP).


Self-reported Mapuche ethnicity. Students belong to Mapuche ethnicity or not.


Administrative region where the school is located. Schools can belong either Biobio region, La Araucania region or Los Rios region.


Number of students in a cell or combination of variables.


Ministry of Education (MINEDUC): https://datosabiertos.mineduc.cl/

Education Quality Agency: https://www.agenciaeducacion.cl/

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