Man pages for mvp
Fast Symbolic Multivariate Polynomials

accessorAccessor methods for mvp objects
allvarsAll variables in a multivariate polynomial
as.functionFunctional form for multivariate polynomials
constantThe constant term
derivDifferentiation of mvp objects
dropDrop empty variables
hornerHorner's method
invertReplace symbols with their reciprocals
kahleA sparse multivariate polynomial
knightChess knight
lowlevelLow level functions
mpolyConversion to and from mpoly form
mvpMultivariate polynomials, mvp objects
mvp-packageFast Symbolic Multivariate Polynomials
ooomOne over one minus a multivariate polynomial
Ops.mvpArithmetic Ops Group Methods for mvp objects
printPrint methods for mvp objects
rmvpRandom multivariate polynomials
specialVarious functions to create simple multivariate polynomials
spraySpray functionality
taylorTaylor series
zeroThe zero polynomial
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