Man pages for mwTensor
Multi-Way Component Analysis

CoupledMWCACoupled Multi-way Component Analysis (CoupledMWCA)
CoupledMWCAParams-classClass "CoupledMWCAParams"
CoupledMWCAResult-classClass "CoupledMWCAResult"
MWCAMulti-way Component Analysis (MWCA)
MWCAParams-classClass "MWCAParams"
MWCAResult-classClass "MWCAResult"
mwTensor-packageMulti-Way Component Analysis
myALS_SVDAlternating Least Square Singular Value Decomposition...
myCXCX Decomposition as an example of user-defined matrix...
myICAIndependent Component Analysis (ICA) as an example of...
myNMFIndependent Component Analysis (ICA) as an example of...
mySVDSingular Value Decomposition (SVD) as an example of...
plotTensor3DsPlot function for visualization of tensor data structure
toyModelToy model of coupled tensor data
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