Man pages for nCopula
Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas Constructed with Multivariate Compound Distributions

AMHConstruction of an Archimedean Copula Class Object.
amh-classAMH copula class
archm-classArchimedean copulas family
Child-classChild Class
ClaytonConstruction of an Archimedean Copula Class Object
clayton-classClayton copula class
FrankConstruction of an Archimedean Copula Class Object
frank-classFrank copula class
GAMMAConstruction of a GAMMA Child Class Object
Gamma_Child-classGamma-Child Class
GeneticCodesObtain the Genetic Codes of a Structure
GEOConstruction of a GEO Mother or Child Class Object
Geo_Child-classGeo-Child Class
Geo_Mother-classGeo-Mother Class
GumbelConstruction of an Archimedean Copula Class Object
gumbel-classGumvel copula class
InvLapInverse LST of a Node
LapLST of a Node
LOGConstruction of a LOG Mother or Child Class Object
Log_Child-classLog-Child Class
Log_Mother-classLog-Mother Class
MothShow Method Function for Compounding
Mother-classMother Class
NodeObtain a node in mother class object
pCompCopDistribution function of Mother class objects
pCopDistribution function of archm class objects
rCompCopRandom number generator for Mother class objects
rCopRandom number generator for Archimedean copula class objects
show-archm-methodShow Method for Copulas
show-Child-methodShow Method for Compounding Functions - Child Class
show-Mother-methodShow Method for Compounding Functions - Mother Class
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