createVennObj: Create nVennObj from scratch

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Create nVennObj from scratch


createVennObj(nSets = 1, sNames = NULL, sSizes = NULL)



Number of sets.


List of names.


List of sizes for all the regions (from '0' to '2**nSets - 1'). To understand the order of the regions, one can think of a region as a binary number. Each bit tells whether the region belongs (1) or not (0) to a given set. For instance, with 4 sets we have 4 bits. The number 7 with 4 bits is 0111, which describes a region belonging to sets 2, 3, and 4 and not to set 1. To pass the values of the regions, those values are sorted according to the number describing the region. Thus, with four sets, the first element corresponds to region 0 (0000), the second to region 1 (0001), the third to region 2 (0010), ... The last corresponds to region 15 (1111), which belongs to all the sets.


nVennObj with set information. To plot, it must be sent to 'toVenn'. Sending it to 'showSVG' will render the diagram before simulation.

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