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Number and Brightness Image Analysis

ApplyOnPillarsApply a function to each pillar of a 3-dimensional array.
ArrArrHexPlotPlot the values in two arrays against each other.
BestTauFind the best tau for exponential filtering detrend.
Bin2TiffConvert a binary image to tiff.
BrightnessCalculate brightness from image series.
BrightnessPlotFolderMake brightness plots (images) for an entire folder.
BrightnessTimeSeriesCreate a Brightness time-series.
ClosestWhat's the closest value in a vector?
CollapseRangesCollapse a big set of ranges into a smaller set.
CorrectForBleachingDetrend an image series
ExpSmoothExponentially smooth a series of observations.
ExpSmoothPillarsExponentially smooth pillars of a 3-dimensional array
FixLUTErrorFix lookup table error when reading images.
ForceChannelsFix an image that didn't recognise channels while reading
GroupCloseGroup together close adjacent elements of a vector.
KmerArrayGet an image where each pixel represents a kmer.
KmerPlotA brightness image with a different colour for each kmer.
KmersFromBrightnessesCalculate numbers of kmers based on brightnesses
KmersFromImageCalculate numbers of kmers based on an image time-series
KmerTIFFsFromBrightnessCSVsCreate kmer tiff files from brightness csvs
ListPillarsTurn a 3d array into a list of pillars
MatrixRasterPlotMake a raster plot of a matrix.
MeanIntensityCalculate mean intensity from image series.
MeanPillarsGet the means/medians/variances of pillars of a 3d array
MedianFilterBSmooth and median filters with options for handling NAs.
nandbnandb: Number and brightness in R.
NumberCalculate number from image series.
NumberTimeSeriesCreate a number time-series.
PillarsDFMake each pillar of a 3D array into a column of a tibble
PillarsListToArrMake a list of pillars back into a 3D array.
ReadImageDataRead image as array object.
SpreadSpecificGet the best _spread_ of numbers in an interval.
Stack2DTifsPut individual tif files into one tif stack.
WriteImageTxtRead/write an image array to/from disk as text file(s).
WriteIntImageWrite an integer array to disk as a tiff image.
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