Man pages for nat.utils
File System Utility Functions for 'NeuroAnatomy Toolbox'

abs2relRemove common part of two paths, leaving relative path
common_pathFind common prefix of two or more (normalised) file paths
file.swapSwap names of two files (by renaming first to a temporary...
gzip.crcExtract the CRC (32 bit hash) of a gzip file
is.gzipCheck if a file is a gzip file
makelockMake and remove (NFS safe) lock files
nat.utilsnat.utils: File System Utility Functions for NeuroAnatomy...
nat.utils-defunctnat.utils: Defunct functions
ncpusReturn number of cpus (or a default on failure)
RunCmdForNewerInputRun a command if input files are newer than outputs
split_pathSplit file path into individual components (optionally...
touchUse unix touch utility to change file's timestamp
zipinfoReturn information about a zip archive using system unzip...
zipokVerify integrity of one or more zip files
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