Easier 'NetCDF' File Handling

Set of tools to simplify the handling of 'NetCDF' files with the 'RNetCDF' package. Most functions are wrappers of basic functions from the 'RNetCDF' package to easily run combinations of these functions for frequently encountered tasks.

AuthorJannis v. Buttlar
Date of publication2015-05-29 15:39:30
MaintainerJannis v. Buttlar <>

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Man pages

aggregateNcdf: Aggregate data in netCDF files

checkNcdfFile: check netCDF file for consistency with CF/COARDS/BGI netCDF...

classR2Ncdf: transfers R classes to netCDF classes

closeAllNcfiles: Close all open RnetCDF file connections

convertBinary2Ncdf: transform binary file to netCDF file

convertDateNcdf2R: Convert netCDF time vector to POSIXct R date object

convertDateR2Ncdf: Convert time vectors in netCDF files to Julian days since a...

convertFilename2Date: Convert file name patterns to R date object

createLatLongTime: Create empty lat/lon/time netCDF file

createStdNcdfFile: Create an empty netCDF file with standardized attributes and...

indexDatacube: Create logical index matrices for multidimensional datacubes

infoNcdfAtts: Print a summary of all netCDF variable attributes

infoNcdfDims: Show info about all dimensions in a netCDF file

infoNcdfVars: Display information about all variables in netCDF file

modifyNcdfAddDim: Add a new dimension to one or more variables in a netCDF file

modifyNcdfAppendHistory: Append a string to netCDF history

modifyNcdfCopyAtts: Copy all attributes between different netCDF variables

modifyNcdfCopyMetadata: Copy attributes and dimensions between netCDF files

modifyNcdfCopyVar: Copy variable values between netCDF files

modifyNcdfDefAtts: Define a set netCDF attributes at once

modifyNcdfSetMissing: Set missing value attribute to a netCDF file

modifyNcdfStdFile: Standardize file name and missing value attribute of a ncdf...

modifyNcdfStdNames: Modify non standard longitude and latitude names Easier 'NetCDF' File Handling

plotDatacube: Visualize/plot an overview of a netCDF file

readFLUXNETNcdf: read data from FLUXNET NetCDF file.

readNcdf: Easy reading of netCDF data

readNcdfCoordinates: Read coordinate or dimension values from netCDF file

readNcdfVarName: Get name of variable in netCDF file

transNcdfCutFiles: Cut margins of netCDF files

transNcdfMerge: Merge several netCDF files

transNcdfRotate: Transpose a NetCDF datacube

transNcdfSubset: Cut and save a subset of a netCDF file

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