Man pages for neatStats
Neat and Painless Statistical Reporting

aggr_neatAggregation, descriptives
anova_neatComparison of Multiple Means: ANOVA
ci_from_pCI from p value
corr_neatCorrelation Statistics
mean_ciConfidence Interval of Mean limits
mon_convMonitor Screen Unit Conversion
mon_neatMonitor Object
neatStats-packageneatStats: an R Package for Neat and Painless Statistical...
norm_testsNormality Tests and Plots
path_neatScript Path
peek_neatCursory Summaries and Plots per Group
plot_neatPlots of Means and of Dispersion
props_neatDifference of Two Proportions
rbind_loopMerge by Columns in Loops
read_dirRead and Merge Files from Directory
roNeat rounding
roc_neatDifference of Two Areas Under the Curves
seStandard Error of Mean
table_neatTable, descriptives
t_neatDifference of Two Means and Area Under the Curve
var_testsVariance Equality Tests
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