Man pages for nephro
Utilities for Nephrology

CGCockroft and Gault equation
CKDEpi.creatCKD-EPI equation for serum creatinine
CKDEpi.creat.cysCKD-EPI equation for creatinine and cystatin C
CKDEpi.creat.cys.rfCKD-EPI equation for serum creatinine and cystatin C without...
CKDEpi.creat.rfCKD-EPI equation for serum creatinine without race...
CKDEpi.cysCKD-EPI equation for cystatin C
MDRD4Four-parameter MDRD study equation
MDRD6Six-parameter MDRD study equation
nephro-packageBiostatistics utilities for nephrology
Stevens.creat.cysStevens' formula for a combination of serum creatinine and...
Stevens.cys1GFR estimation using serum cystatin C
Stevens.cys2Stevens' formula for serum cystatin C, age, and sex
VirgaVirga's formula
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