Man pages for netjack
Tools for Working with Samples of Networks

as_NetConstructor for single Net object
as_NetSampleConstructor for a 'NetSample' object
diff_testTest for differences from original statistic
diff_test_ggPlotDifference Test Plots
GroupASimulated Dataset of 20 networks. Group A.
GroupBSimulated Dataset of 20 networks. Group B.
group_diff_testGroup difference test
group_diff_test_ggPlotGroup Difference Plots
group_perc_diff_testGroup percentage difference test
group_perc_diff_test_ggPlotGroup Percentage Difference Plots
group_testGroup test
group_test_ggPlotGroup Test Plots
net_applyApply a network manipulation function to a single network, or...
Net-classAn S4 class to represent a single network.
NetSample-classAn S4 class to represent a sample of networks
NetSampleSet-classAn S4 class representing a sample of networks with a network...
NetSampleStatSet-classAn S4 class representing the results of applying a network...
NetSet-classAn S4 class representing a single network with a network...
net_stat_applyApply a network statistic function to a 'NetSet' or...
NetStatSet-classAn S4 class representing the results of applying a network...
network_functionsNetwork Manipulation Functions
network_statisticsNetwork Statistic Functions
pretty_print_arg_listFormat and print an argument list.
show-NetConvenience Functions for printing information about Net-type...
to_data_frameNetwork statistics to long format dataframe
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