Man pages for networkreporting
Tools for using Network Reporting Estimators

add.kpattach known populations to a dataframe a dataframe into a known population vector
estimate.errorgiven an estimated subpopn size or prevalence and the correct...
example.knownpop.datExample known population data
example.surveyExample household survey data
gwsm.estimatorindirect estimator (generalized weight share method / gwsm) (DEPRECATED)
kp.estimatorAverage personal network size estimates using known...
kp.individual.estimatorIndividual personal network size estimates using the known...
networkreportingNetwork reporting estimators
network.survival.estimatornetwork survival estimator
nsum.internal.validationnsum.internal.validation the total.popn.size argument in a uniform way across...
report.aggregatoraggregate a reported quantity by groups
topcode.datatopcode a group of variables
topcode.vartopcode a vector of numerical values
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